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Striving to exceed your expectations of excellence at every opportunity.

Based in Ventura County, California, Dawn Morgan is an experienced escrow officer working with residential and commercial clients, assisting with everything from new property purchases, refinancing, 1031 exchanges and beyond.

Dawn strives to provide unmatched customer service to her clients, even offering assistance beyond traditional business hours to ensure that each transaction is completed in a prompt, effective manner.

Meet Dawn Morgan

Dawn Morgan is an experienced California-based escrow officer.

Dawn entered the industry in 2003, as she initially pursued a career as a real estate agent. “I took my real estate test and got to the final step and it was around this time that I started working with a title company,” Dawn explained.

This changed her career trajectory, inspiring her to become an escrow officer, a career that she thoroughly enjoys.

“I investigate the property title, submit the request to the lender, get the loan recorded and ensure that everyone gets paid. In short, I make it rain,” Dawn explained of the process.

Dawn maintains partnerships with a range of different clients, including lenders, real estate agents, investors, hard money lenders and beyond, offering a comprehensive range of services, including marketing and development plans.

Contact Dawn by phone at 805.310.8310.


“I never hesitate to take the initiative and get it done. I strive to provide more than just a service. I view my interactions with my clients as a partnership. My goal is to help clients achieve their goals and grow their business.”

~Dawn Morgan

Service Offerings


Dawn Morgan deals in residential escrow, providing clients with the solutions they need for a smooth real estate transaction.


Commercial escrow is amongst Dawn’s specialties. She’ll ensure your property transaction proceeds quickly and without a hitch. 


Are you refinancing your home, business or other property? Dawn Morgan’s escrow services will make the transaction a simple one!


Dawn Morgan offers full notary services to clients, providing a one stop shop solution for your real estate transaction. 

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